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I'm not on Twitter very often, but recently I'm noticing that I'm being "followed" by people I'd rather not be followed by. This morning I got a notice that I was now being followed by a well-known "hater" in fandom.  I'm not even sure why this person is following me, since A.) I'm hardly ever on twitter.  B) If I am on twitter, I don't talk crap.

So hater person, who probably just did a search of some sort to see what I DO like, or who's lists I might appear on (which happens to be what she hates) is following me... why?  I've blocked her tweets, but I wasn't following her anyway, so that won't work.  There's no way to block your own tweets from someone?  Sorry, as I've said I'm not on Twitter much and so not exactly sure how it all works.
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