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2011-04-12 03:52 pm
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Drive by posting.. randomness.

-I think I'm officially hitting menopause.  Night sweats, hot flashes, perpetual tiredness, a few gray hairs, weight gain while merely looking at food, and all.  How fun.  NOT!  Mother nature, you've tortured me for years every month.  With migraines and cramps and bloating and mood swings, and let's not forget those fun-filled 40 days or so after childbirth.  Can you not cut me a break now?  Which leads me to..

Man, I'm getting old. Time to get back to the gym, and stop stress-eating I think.  That might help.

- I'm in fangirl limbo.  Merlin is filming, and Smallville is on hiatus.  Got any new shows I can get into?  Any good couples to ship? :D  Morgan/Garcia is looking like it might be kind of interesting to me, hmmm.

- I miss my Chlollie and Arwen.

- I miss writing, but I can't seem to wrap my brain around an idea or finish a fic I should have finished a long time ago.  I actually did try to start writing today, but lost patience.  I'll try again later. 

-I think I'm addicted to Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook.

-How awesome is it that the Chloe/Oliver marriage is DC Comics Approved?  Yes, I'm still thrilled that my OTP got married!  :) How can we get the real Chloe written into Green Arrow Comics?  :D

-My dogs have been chewing on the bottom rungs of the kitchen chairs.  One day we're going to sit down to dinner and fall on our asses. They are now gnawing on huge rawhide bones.  Good puppies.
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2011-04-06 10:59 pm

Testing 1, 2, 3

Trying to familiarize myself with DW. Nothing much else to see here.
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2011-03-26 08:52 am
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A Question for my Twitter savvy friends.

I'm not on Twitter very often, but recently I'm noticing that I'm being "followed" by people I'd rather not be followed by. This morning I got a notice that I was now being followed by a well-known "hater" in fandom.  I'm not even sure why this person is following me, since A.) I'm hardly ever on twitter.  B) If I am on twitter, I don't talk crap.

So hater person, who probably just did a search of some sort to see what I DO like, or who's lists I might appear on (which happens to be what she hates) is following me... why?  I've blocked her tweets, but I wasn't following her anyway, so that won't work.  There's no way to block your own tweets from someone?  Sorry, as I've said I'm not on Twitter much and so not exactly sure how it all works.
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2011-03-19 03:33 pm

Birthday Wishes!


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2011-02-25 08:57 pm


For all those who called me delusional, or defriended me because I ship them, insulted me, or thought I was crazy for shipping a non-canon, non-comic, non-couple:  You can all go suck it.  Read more... )
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2010-12-19 10:40 pm
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Okay, so they're huge now.  But technically still kind of sort of puppies.  Rayne (Black German Shepherd) will be a year old and Jasper (Anatolian Shepherd) is 8 months old.  He's a beast.  He weighs about 80 pounds now, and still growing!  But as you can see, they are the sweetest!  Puppy pics under here! )
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2010-11-19 07:17 am
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Writer's Block: A charming defense

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You don't choose an animal spirit.  They choose you.
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2010-11-16 04:58 pm
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OMG. The Medieval Boyband!

New promo pic for Merlin came out.  HOLY MEDIEVAL HOT BOYS.  That is one sexy Round Table.  Oh, and look!  Arthur with Excalibur!

You know you want to click on us and enlarge for full effect.
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2010-11-07 11:12 am

Chlollie/GA/WT Video Rec!

Amazing Green Arrow/Watchtower/Chloe/Oliver video by [ profile] kachica  Action packed, with some romance.  Watch it, you won't be disappointed. Go leave her some love on YouTube!

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2010-11-03 08:42 am

Minor F-List Cut

I've always believed in the idea of "friends over fandom."  But I suppose when all people have in common is a small section of fandom, then "friends" is a word loosely applied here.  I've noticed, that since I've become a diehard Chlollier, some Chlarkers, who have been on my f-list since I first joined LJ have de-friended me. That's cool, I get that.  No harm, no foul.  I have a wide variety of fandom friends, and a wide variety of shippers on my list, most of whom are respectful and accepting of others' fandom preferences.  But, when I start to see negativity toward something I happen to enjoy, from people on my f-list, I think it's time to make some cuts.  While I respect your views, and understand why you feel the way you do, (I was there too, remember?) I don't necessarily want to read your negativity and hatred on my friends' page. It's your journal, and you have every right to voice your thoughts, rants, negativity, or hatred. We've probably all done it at one time or another. But I am a part of fandom as enjoyment.  If it's no longer enjoyable, or no longer a bit of escapism for me or a stress reliever, I'll leave it.  Life's too short to stress over TV shows, or lose friends over, or worry about who ships which couple.  I just can't deal with that crap.

So, here's the deal. Obviously, there's more to each of us than our fandoms, or who we ship, but  as far as my fandom life goes, I LOVE CHLOE AND OLIVER OF SMALLVILLE.  I've shipped them years before they were ever a couple on the show. They are my OTP forever, no matter what the show does to them.  I ALSO LOVE ARTHUR AND GWEN OF MERLIN.  I squee about both couples in the appropriate times and places, usually in their respective communities.  If you don't care about that stuff, cool.  If that bothers you in any way, shape or form, I won't be offended if you de-friend me.  Let me clarify.  I have no problem if people ship other couples, or are multi-shippers.  Many on my f-list do.  It's the hatred and fandom drama that turns me off.
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2010-10-08 11:57 pm


Thank you [ profile] kc_2009  You are awesome for making this!
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2010-09-29 12:01 pm

Beautiful Lazarus Fan Vid Rec

Gahhh.. My heart is breaking all over again for them. My poor Chlollie.

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2010-09-25 02:44 pm

Chloe's last scenes, until midseason

Thanks to CharmedPhoebe at Daily Motion.  SPOILERY scenes from LAZARUS.

OMG... my poor Chlollie.  How I love them.  Oliver is going to kick some serious ass once he finds out what happened, and starts looking for her.

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2010-09-11 06:59 am
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Chlollie Fanfiction Awards

I don't really like making posts like this because truthfully in RL I'm a fairly low key, shy person, who avoids the spotlight/attention.  ( I really would be a hermit living in my log house in the woods, if I could!)  But I would be horribly remiss, if I did not say thank you to everyone who participated in the recent Chlollie Fanfiction Awards.  Thanks to [ profile] calie15 for organizing it all, and taking the time to run our first awards.  Thanks also to [ profile] kc_2009  for the beautiful banners she made, not only for the winners, but for every nominee as well.  Thanks to all who write Chlollie fanfiction, because somehow, this couple has touched your heart, and moved you to write amazing stories for them.  Thank you for sharing your talents with us, using the power of your pens (or computer screens), and turning many of us into full-fledged Chlollie shippers long before they were ever a real couple on our televisions. (I'm looking at you [ profile] kdsch123  and [ profile] laurelnola )  Thank you to those who read Chlollie fanfiction, because without you, and without your comments, writing just wouldn't be as sweet or as rewarding.  Finally, thank you to the entire Chlollie fandom.  Chlolliers are some of the most amazing people I've ever had the pleasure to "meet".  Your positivity and optimism, your love for Chlollie, even amid the muck and mire of general fandom is so refreshing.  I've found a Smallville home among you.  Chlollie fandom is truly a safe haven for many of us.  (More than ten for sure!)

Award banners are posted in my profile.  Thank you to everyone who read, who waited patiently for updates, and who voted.  I am humbled and honored.  Love you guys!
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2010-09-09 08:44 pm

Writer's Block: Homeward bound

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I might be weird, but I've always wanted a log home.

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2010-09-02 05:54 pm
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I'm still not sure I understand WTF is up, as I've just read about this today, but just to let my F-list know that I won't be crossposting anything.  You won't be crossposting anything, and we can stay on each other's friends lists.   My LJ life stays on LJ, I respect that yours does too. 
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2010-08-30 09:36 pm
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If you've never...

Gotten those tubes of refrigerator biscuits, quartered them, deep fried them and then rolled them in sugar, you just haven't lived.  Nom, nom, nom.
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2010-08-24 04:30 pm
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I write like... ?

I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Ganked from [ profile] duare  did this out of curiosity.  I pretty much copied/pasted a couple of different chapters from different stories and got this result every time.  Interesting.  I have no idea if it's true since I've never read any of Chuck's stuff.  LOL