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Welcome to my DreamWidth!

I've imported my entries to Dreamwidth from LiveJournal. This journal is mostly fandom related. (Once in awhile I'll post personal/family related things, but not too often). I believe fandom should be fun, and tend to stay away from the arguments and drama and petty crap that often surrounds many fandoms. Everyone has opinions, and that's fine with me. We all watch a show through different eyes. I respect that and enjoy intelligent discourse about writing, plot, characterization, etc. My ultimate belief is "friends over fandom". Fannish things are stress relief for me, escapism and entertainment. I'm here to make friends, write fic, make arts, share ideas, etc. If you friend me, I'll usually friend you back if we seem to have some interests in common.. be forewarned, I'm pretty boring otherwise. :D

If you can't tell, I'm a Chlollie and Arwen shipper. ;) I started writing my own fanfiction in 2008, my main 'ship is Chloe/Oliver. I am a Chlollier, hardcore, and have been for years before they were ever a couple on the show. Nothing will take away my love for them as a couple, not even the show itself. All of my stories are posted here on my journal. I also adore Merlin BBC, and I'm a staunch Arthur/Gwen 'shipper.

I also love horses. I ride western, mainly arena work and trail rides. I hope to own a horse again someday. I'm a dog lover and have two giant fur babies; a German Shepherd and an Anatolian Shepherd. I'm a single mom of two wonderful kids, and a school teacher.

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