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I've been sick for three weeks (a nasty case of bronchitis).  Three freakin' weeks of my vacation spent coughing my head off, with Mucinex and Robitssin DM as constant companions.  I get to go back to work on Monday, with barely a voice to teach.  I'm sure my students will love that I currently sound like a 90 year old five-pack-a-day smoker.  What really sucks is that I can't sing in the car without sounding like a demonic squeak toy. 

I have to write lesson plans tonight.  Blah.

New Year's resolution:  Get back to the gym... once I stop coughing, that is.

Fandom Rant:  Celebrate your show, your favorite characters, your favorite 'ships, sing their praises to the heavens, dance and squee and flail till you drop, but for the love of all that is holy, do it without bashing other characters, actors, fans, or 'ships, especially in the more general fandom areas. (What you say in your own designated places is your business, have at it).  Is it really that hard to play nice? Thanks.  It's just something about fandoms in general that I will never understand.  I  mean, it's supposed to be fun, right?  Right?  Stop the hatin', people.

And because I can't post this enough: Some time ago, my friend, the lovely [ profile] laurelnola   discussed the power of the male British accent on the American female ear.  Welllll...... goodness, (thanks to [ profile] umigame  I love you forever for this) wouldn't you know?  Click here-->  BRADLEY JAMES DOES VOICEOVERS!!!  Holy shit, I'd buy an iPhone, a Vodaphone, and join the military for this man, if only he'd talk to me all day long and read me bedtime stories at night (*ahem*).  I seriously got all squishy and melty inside just listening to him.  I think I ovulated. *puddle of goo*  I'm seriously going to download those and put them in my iPod... whenever I get one.  

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year celebration, and that the coming year brings many good and beautiful things your way. *hugs entire Flist, but not too closely; I don't want you to catch my cough*


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