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This is what happens when I'm sick.... again!!!  And bored with nothing to do but feel crappy and spend too much time on my computer.  There's also a horsey icon in the mix for any other horsewomen out there on my f-list.  Yes, I'm really not a man hater, I just thought it was funny.  :P

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 Haven't posted RL pics in a long time.  Went riding again tonight.  Lately I've been riding this amazing horse named Cueball.  (He's actually too pretty for that name, but eh, he's not mine... lol)  He's wonderful.  Works really well off of leg cues, does everything you ask of him, great ground manners, etc.  He's not for sale, but there's a possibility that I can lease him.  Not sure yet if I will.. I need to worry about moving and other things first.  But, without further ado, here's two pics, one of me with Cueball, and one of him alone.  He's a sweetie.

It was cold tonight!

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 If you don't mind watching Portuguese bullfighting,  (this may be distressing to some people, so just a heads up, I don't want to upset anyone.  BTW in Portuguese bullfigthing, bulls are not killed) have a look at this AMAZING horse, Merlin.  I'm actually focusing more on the way the horse moves, it's incredible.  I want this horse!!  

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And.. to showcase my other passions, here are a few more icons.  Mostly horse related, and of course you knew there would be at least one Jensen Ackles in there with a horse, right?  Of course you did.  Anyone is welcome to snag, horse enthusiast or not.  XD



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I wrote previously about taking up riding again.. and now I have pictures. They aren't the best quality, but here they are!

Me and a horse that is for sale, named Mystery.

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