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Uncontrollable flailing, squeeing, and general fangirl fangasms ahead...

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Go forth and let your Chlollie voices be heard! Voting ends Sept. 12th.

Smallville Fanfiction Awards - Finals
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I just want to take a moment to thank anyone who may have nominated my stories for these awards. I'm very grateful for the support I've received as a fanfic writer. Everyone knows that fanfic authors write for the love of it, and don't expect much in return, so when people comment or show their support, it's a gift that is completely humbling and rewarding. I'm very grateful for those of you that read my work.

That aside, most of all, I'm personally excited that there are a few Chlollie authors and stories that have been nominated. Chlollie is often overshadowed by other 'ships, and considering they are a non-couple at this point, this is expected. What is unexpected is the favorable reception this couple has received over time. The Chlollie fandom is growing every day, and I think this is just amazing.

Anyone on my f-list who is so inclined, please support my fellow Chlolliers/Chlollie authors, or Chlollie as a couple by following the link below and voting in the Smallville Fanfiction run-offs.

I don't expect to win anything, but I have to say that I'm just very thrilled that Chlollie has made the list and that the Chlollie fans out there can make themselves known by supporting Chlollie and those who write for them.

Deadline is Aug. 30th. Show your Chlollie pride! Go vote!

Smallville Fanfiction Awards - Run Off


Jan. 26th, 2009 05:51 pm
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I'd like to see the old Chlollie forum at DFN restored to its former glory. Since DFN crashed some time ago, I think lots of people gave up. I know I did. We need to get some Chlollie fans back into the fold, and bring in some new ones, so we can have more than one thread, and our own forum there again. I'd hate for us to lose that, especially since DFN is a fairly popular site among the general fandom, and it was saying a lot that a non-canon couple had their own entire forum, dedicated just to Chlollie there. Please come register, re-register if you have to, talk about Chloe and Oliver, so we can have our forum back. Thanks! I'm sure you'll see lots of familiar faces around. Everyone is friendly and welcoming so don't be shy!

Chlollie Thread on Devoted Fans Network

And while I'm pimping DFN, I'll pimp the other Chlollie forum here as well. We have had some new people posting, and some pretty good threads going. Come post your Chlollie fics, or anything else Chlollie related. Thanks again!

Chlollie Forum Index
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Uh yeah.  Do you even have to ask me?  CHLOLLIE!!  Chloe Sullivan and Oliver Queen of Smallville!  Woot!


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Chloe/Oliver Arthur/Gwen


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