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Amazing Green Arrow/Watchtower/Chloe/Oliver video by [ profile] kachica  Action packed, with some romance.  Watch it, you won't be disappointed. Go leave her some love on YouTube!

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Gahhh.. My heart is breaking all over again for them. My poor Chlollie.

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Thanks to CharmedPhoebe at Daily Motion.  SPOILERY scenes from LAZARUS.

OMG... my poor Chlollie.  How I love them.  Oliver is going to kick some serious ass once he finds out what happened, and starts looking for her.

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I've been on a Chloe/Oliver  high lately, but I've been missing my Arthur/Gwen.  This video is awesome!  Check it out and leave some nice comments for the vidder.  :D


Dec. 27th, 2009 02:39 pm
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Hehehe... I love this.  All the times that Arthur says "Guinevere" and "Gwen".  Also, the boys lip-syncing to "Your the Voice".  Colin's "Take me to Glasgow!" is hilarious, and Bradley's got the boy band persona down pretty well. 

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Guh. This vid is so beautiful, I just had to post it. If you love Arwen, go leave some lovin' for the vidder.

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I'm still reeling from the awesomeness of this episode.  I can't seem to get the LJ cut to work here, after several attempts, so needless to say this post is spoilery for those who've not yet seen Merlin S2E2, "The Once and Future Queen",  my apologies at being LJ inept.  :(



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"Are they?  I'd love to work more with Justin Hartley, so I'm not opposed to that idea."  :D
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ETA: Okay, squeeing done.  For now.  :D

They know about Chlollie.  They've been asked more than once now.  Allison has been asked about it, they were asked at the Comic-Con panel and now Justin has been asked.  I think he really does like the idea, and the reason I say this is because I recall his reaction last year when asked about Canary.  Not the same at all.  He thinks Chlollie would be great, loves Allison and thinks she's great to work with.  Please leave your Chlollie support on the YouTube vid.  This is from the CW Source, and I want them to hear us roar!

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Aug. 12th, 2009 11:11 pm
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I don't know where I've been that I haven't seen this amazing video till now.  Jenna's vids are some of the best I've ever seen, I'm in love with her Chlollie vid, and recently discovered this Chlean one.  Guh.  It's just gorgeous.

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YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO!  Please leave some love for Jenna, she made this video just for us Chlollie fans!  x-posted to [ profile] chlollie 

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Justin to appear on the Bonnie Hunt Show tomorrow, Thursday 1/22/09

Click here for a preview of Bonnie's guests.

I'll be at work, so I won't see it.  :( 

LOL, I just saw a quick clip... she makes him blush! 

Bonnie Hunt Video Clips

ETA:  Thanks to [ profile] shop_gal08  for the heads up, and thanks to [ profile] catherish312  the entire interview is up on youtube!

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Spoilery, but I just saw this... read my comment after the cut.

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 If you don't mind watching Portuguese bullfighting,  (this may be distressing to some people, so just a heads up, I don't want to upset anyone.  BTW in Portuguese bullfigthing, bulls are not killed) have a look at this AMAZING horse, Merlin.  I'm actually focusing more on the way the horse moves, it's incredible.  I want this horse!!  



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